Mining environments & characters

It’s time to add some pictures of what I have been working on the past year.

We were making a security education game and I was the only artist for the first 6 months. Since then 2 more have joined and now I am sadly leaving the project.

Here is some environment screenshots from ingame where I am behind almost all the assets plus the lighting in unity.

safetyCheck_2 characterSelect mainMenuBackground_1 mainMenuBackground_2 maintenance safetyCheck_1


I did also make 2 of the characters, here is some more images from them:

malmBody malmEquipped malmRig malmTexture malmWireframe sonjaBody sonjaEquipped sonjaRig sonjaTexture sonjaWireframe

New Sculpture

Should probably start updating a bit more often. Kind of forgot about this site after I got my job at Zordix AB. I became a 3D artist wooo!

I might post more details later but for now I wanted to upload my latest sculpture.

His name is Perikles and was apparently on the Tuborg beer cans in the days of old. It was a birthday gift and is now standing in a home bar somewhere here in Sweden.


Hello World


My name is Erik and I’m going to be a game developer!

I think I have a pretty good start already, 3 years at LTU (luleå university of technology) in Sweden and this summer a Anatomy course where I did an ecorché.( I will write more about that later.)

At the moment I only have 1 project worth showing and that is my specialization project, where I created a character for a game with 6 other students doing their own part of the project.

You can look at the game at

or visit for our progress blog.

I will probably upload pictures and link videos in another post.

Now I will actively start looking for work while posting more stuff here that I work on, so this blog is going to double as my portfolio page for the time being.